Geniux Review; Ultimate Supplement for Safe and Sure Brain Boosting


It is an advance brain formula for increasing short term memory, and long term memory, improving energy levels, increasing concentration, continually augmenting brain performance, sharpening focus, enhancing motivation, re-energizing the brain and thereby ensuring a better quality of life.

Before going in for a Geniux Reviews , it may be of interest to know that, brain begins losing its power from an early age of 20 years. Consequently, the following negativities are noticed.

  • Loss of memory
  • Amnesia or forgetfulness
  • Decline in usual motivation for work
  • Reduced physical energy
  • Lowered mental performance

These negativities will significantly lead to deterioration in the quality of your life. The smart pill, Geniux is the best solution for all these problems. The following Geniux Reviews Reviews will make you aware of various aspects of the product and aid you in taking a decision for going in for it.

Why Geniux

If you are a student engaged in learning activities or are a professional engaged in constant brain work, you must have experienced that after a continual performance of your activities, your brain gets wearied. As a result, you may be unable to focus your attention on your work and may also be losing concentration. The worst situation may be when you get de-motivated to continue your learning or professional activities. It is then that you need the right kind of brain supplement which you can find in Geniux.

Geniux is a brain booster and is popularly used by college and university students for which it is referred to as study pills. Geniux pills contain clinically tested ingredients which aids in enhancing concentration and span of alertness. At the same time, it reduces the mental fatigue of the users, thereby increasing the function of brain. Added to all these, the Geniux pills preserves focus, increases knowledge and lead to higher concentration.

What is Geniux?

It is a clinically tested psycho stimulant that improves the levels of dopamine and nor-epinephrine in the brain. Besides students, it is effectively used by athletes, body builders, entrepreneurs and professionals

How does Geniux Work?

Neurotransmitters are chiefly responsible for coordinating between the brain and other parts of the body. Geniux Brain supplement increases the neurotransmitters and increases the energy in the brain, in a safe and effective mode. Consequently, the state of mind and mood of the user is improved for better attentiveness.

Benefits of Geniux Brain Supplement

  • Boosting of energy and keeping focused all day
  • Enhancement of short and long-term memory for persons within the age group of 20 to 30 years and between 40 to 65 years
  • Improvement in mental as well as physical health
  • Sharpening of focus and enhancement of motivation
  • Improvement in the quality of life

Ingredients of Geniux

The ingredients used in making Geniux are all herbal extracts and are therefore completely safe and sure

  • Alpha GPC helps to increase the neurotransmission that leads to the enhancement of cognitive functioning.
  • Bacopa Monnieri helps in increasing the blood flow into the cerebral cells, thereby augmenting the level of cognitive functioning
  • Tyrosine helps in the enhancement of concentration.
  • Vinpocentine helps for the use of glucose in the brain cells, thus adding to the energy of the brain
  • Gaba helps to maintain focus and alertness. It checks the development of aggravated excitement that leads to distraction of focus and attention
  • Huperzine A helps in improving the retention ability of memory. At the same time it enhances the learning and alertness abilities; both the young as well as for the elders.


The recommended dose is one to two capsules daily, just 15 minutes before any mental activities such as learning or professional working. If you are going to appear any examination, Take a pill, few hour before and you will find your brain recalling, everything that you have read.

Geniux Side Effects

There has been no report of any of the Geniux side effects; whether long-term or short-term. But since different people react differently to the same kind of substance, the occurrence of any un-reported side effects cannot be overruled. It is however not recommended to be taken by children

Availability and Cost

It can be bought online, through the website of Geniux. The cost per bottle is $ 47 and if you order for 3 bottles, you can get for $87 and 5 bottles for $95

After going through the above Geniux review, it is hoped that you can take the right decision for buying this safe and sure brain supplement.

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